BPAP 30 Bi-level non-invasive ventilator

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Sleep Guardian

Bi-level Device 

Improved Comfort

Good breathing, Good sleep

Applicable for snoring and severe sleep apnea syndrome patients.

It has significant therapeutic effect on snoring, morning dizziness, fatigue sleepiness and other symptoms caused by sleep apnea.

BPAP 30 provides comfortable and effective sleep treatment program for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea patients.

 BPAP 30 could effectively improve the following symptom:

Snoring, Mouth breathing, Insomnia, Suffocated awake at night, Daytime lethargy, Memory decline, Endocrine disorders, Hight blood pressure, Hight blood glucose

 Higher pressure, More powerful

The pressure is 4cmH2O-30cmH2O.

Sepray BPAP 30 is suitable for all types of sleep apnea syndrome patients and all the patients need non-invasive ventilation treatment.

Especially those moderate and severe patientsBPAP A30 is the most versatile non-invasive ventilator with better compliance.

 Cost saving

Our goal isallowing you to use less moneybut obtain more convenient and more thoughtful non-invasive ventilation care and personal caring service.

Studies have shown that the application of non-invasive ventilation in family can save more than 60% of clinical treatment costs.

 Simplified interface design

3.5 inch color screenmore clear and biggercombined more treatment data and overall treatment monitoringwhich could offer you all-round health care.

 Easy-operation and portable device

Simple texture appearance and smooth lineshumanized design conceptperfectly embedded humidifier and main unit are integrated into onewhich will not take up space and is more suitable for home placement.

 Quiet and thoughtful functional design

LED backlit screensleep mode is automatically activated at nightthe screen backlight automatically dimso you will not suffer from light interference.

High-quality turbine makes the sound is lower than 28db during operationto create a comfortable quiet sleep environment for you.

 Intelligent humidification system

Healthy heating and humidification system, releasing a larger amount of humidification.

Maintain ideal humidity for 10ml/L in flow rate of 60l/min, improve nasal dryness respiratory discomfort, dry skin and other conditions, to make you have comfortable breathing.

Independently research and develop 360° technologywhich obtained national patent certification.

Effectively prevent the movement and water back-flow to burn the internal motor to avoid the risksimprove the comfort of attendance.

 Innovative Algorithm

A new scientific algorithm to detect various eventsautomatically adjust the pressure.

Automatic pressure regulator technology can automatically and accurately monitor and identify a variety of respiratory events, timely response to low ventilationobstructive apneaairflow limitationcontinuous snoring.

Automatic pressure follow

6 kinds of incident response

COMF pressure release technology

Powerful pressure relief technology-COMF, is our own patent.
It could ensure the comfort level, high compliance, free from burdened breath nursing through the clinical test and demonstration.


AST (Automatic Synchronization Technology)

Automatically follow the patient's breathing, accurately determine the time of patient trigger and replacement, and provide the corresponding inspiratory and expiratory pressure; automatic sensitivity technology without manually setting the sensitivity, minimize the patient's breathing work.


Blood oxygen real-time monitoring function

The patient's blood oxygen and Pulse rate data are monitored and displayed in real-time during treatment, and are recorded in the treatment report.
Patients can be the first time to understand their own treatment, to help enhance the treatment.



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