i Series Non-invasive ventilator (COPD Therapy)

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Multiply respiratory mode offer more choices

Sepray I series has multiply respiratory modesCPAP,S,T, and S/T, VAT and PC to meet patients different needs.

S/T mode is especially for COPD and II respiratory failure patients, to bring more natural and smooth breathing experience. VAT mode is for patients with COPD,obesity hypoventilation syndrome and low tidal volume. PC mode is for patients with fast breathing rate, low tidal volume and hypoxemia.

The pressure range is 4-30cm H2O. Higher pressure level could continuously provide effective and stable treatment pressure and

Flow output to protect the treatment effect.

Innovative Algorithm

A new scientific algorithm to detect various events, automatically adjust the pressure.
Automatic pressure regulator technology can automatically and accurately monitor and identify a variety of respiratory events, timely response to low ventilation, obstructive apnea, airflow limitation, continuous snoring, etc., and effectively eliminate the these symptoms.

Automatic pressure follow

6 kinds of incident response

COMF pressure release technology

Powerful pressure relief technology-COMF, is our own patent.
It could ensure the comfort level, high compliance, free from burdened breath nursing through the clinical test and demonstration.


AST (Automatic Synchronization Technology)

Automatically follow the patient's breathing, accurately determine the time of patient trigger and replacement, and provide the corresponding inspiratory and expiratory pressure; automatic sensitivity technology without manually setting the sensitivity, minimize the patient's breathing work.


Volume Assured Technology(VAT)

Automatically estimates the pressure needed to fit target volume according to patient’s change and provides incrementally IPAP and EPAP.


Strong and efficient blower

Imported high-quality turbine with 43000bpm speed per minute, provides continuous respiratory power with more robust, efficient and precise pressure, and offers strong air leakage compensation. Quick Pressure level response, stable performance and mute.


Model S1 T1 T2 T3 T5 P1
Pressure range 4-20cm H2O 4-25cm H2O 4-25cm H2O 4-30cm H2O 4-30cm H2O 4-30cm H2O
Pressure accuracy ±0.2cm H2O
Max.Operation pressure 30cm H2O
Ramp time 0 to 45 min(5-minute increments)
COMF pressure relief 1-3 level
Humidification level 1-5 levels(113 to 185℉23 to 85 ℃)
Rise time 1-6 levels(S,T,S/T)
Data storage capacity 8G USB disk
Weight 1.72kg
Mean sound level ≤30dB
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