CPAP Mode Home Health Ventilators / Class II Micomme Ventilator for CPAP 25

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360° anti-back flow patent water chamber, below the highest water level can prevent the water in the chamber from returning to main machine.
Unique anti dry burning technology, when the temperature is higher than the warning temperature, automatically stop heating. Intelligent and safe, it can automatically control the temperature of the heater below 80 ℃.

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Product Detail

CPAP 25 backCPAP 25 right backwater chamber


Home Non-invasive mechanical ventilation (NIV) is any form of ventilatory support without an endotracheal tube. NIV was originally used in patients with acute respiratory compromises or exacerbations of chronic respiratory diseases, as an alternative to the endotracheal tube.

Home Non- invasive ventilation (NIV) is a treatment to help with your breathing. It involves wearing a mask connected to a machine which makes your breathing in and out easier and supports the muscles which make your lungs work. It is generally worn at night during sleep. The mask provided has been selected to fit your face and the machine has been specifically set for your breathing.



Thickened tissues and additional fat stores around the airway. The relaxed muscles take up extra space, and as a result, airflow to the lungs is blocked. With the airway blocked, air from the nose and mouth cannot reach the lungs, and the person wakes up often gasping and choking for air.

Obstructive sleep apnea. Thickened tissues and additional fat stores around the airway, the treatment can reduce the obstruction. a person with sleep apnea rarely gets the rest they need to function at their highest levels throughout the day.



CPAP Mode, the patient has strong spontaneous breathing, and the ventilator provides the same pressure in both inspiratory and expiratory phases to help the patient open the airway.

COMF COMfort Function, it can automatically release the pressure at the key points at the end of exhalation according to the air flow under the mode of autonomous breathing, which makes the pressure conversion of inhalation and exhalation more stable, and greatly improves the comfort and compliance of patients.



Model CPAP 25

Pressure range




pressure relief

1-3 levels
Humidification 1-5 levels (113 to 185°F/45 to 85°C)
Ramp time 0 to 45 min (5-minute increments)

Data storage


>1 year, Micro SD Card 4G


(L x W x H)

24.5×16×10.5 cm
Weight 1.75 kg
Mean sound level ≤28 dB
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