ST-30D Bi-level non-invasive ventilator

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Product Detail

Medical grade quality

Higher pressure

Most cost-effective

More professionalMore comprehensive

Clinical study shows COPD patients with Bi-level non-invasive ventilator treatment at home can effectively improve

the symptoms of hypoxia and carbon dioxide retention, Sepray ST-30D provides a full range of solutions for respiratory

insufficiency patients.

Sepray ST-30D is applicable to the following a variety of disease treatment and care

COPD, Neuromuscular diseasesPulmonary fibrosis, Carbon dioxide retention, Hypoxemia, Pulmonary heart disease, Snoring, Sleep apnea syndrome

Improve your respiratory situation, especially designed for COPD patients

Treatment non-invasive positive airway pressure on COPD,patients can achieve the following effects by using Sepray ST-30D

Breathing smoothly/Improve the immune system/Relief the symptoms of hypoxia/Protection of sleep quality

Multiply respiratory mode offer more choices

Sepray ST-30D has 3 respiratory modesCPAP,S and S/T, to meet patients different needs.

S/T mode is especially for COPD and II respiratory failure patients, to bring more natural and smooth breathing experience.

The pressure range is 40cm H2O. Higher pressure level could continuously provide effective and stable treatment pressure and

Flow output to protect the treatment effect.

Intelligent humidification system, Nourishing and peace of mind

Healthy heating and humidification, releasing a larger amount of humidification

Maintain ideal humidity for 10ml/L in flow rate of 60L/min, improve nasal dryness, respiratory discomfort, dry skin and other conditions,

Make you have a comfortable breathing.

Simple and easy to use, distinctive ultra-portable

Simple texture appearance and smooth lines, humanized design concept, perfectly embedded humidifier and main unit are integrated into one, which will not take up space and is more suitable for home placement.

One touch wheel button, turn on treatment within 1 second 3.5 inch colorful LCD screen, include more treatment data display

In order to meet and facilitate the use of the elderly patients, we designed the products with more care and humanity, 3,5 inch colorful LCD

Screen, fusion of more treatment data, eliminating the need to turn the page.

One-touch knob design, one-hand simple design.

We focused on advanced technology for this innovative products

Sepray ST-30D household non-invasive ventilator, with advanced scientific treatment algorithm, a large number of clinical trials to verify that it could automatically and accurately monitor and identify a variety of respiratory conditions, and accurately carry out sleeping position detection and event response. Three core technology integration, to create this intelligent respiratory management experts.


pressure release technology

Powerful pressure relief technology-COMF, is our own patent.
It could ensure the comfort level, high compliance, free from burdened breath nursing through the clinical test and demonstration.


AST (Automatic Synchronization technology)

Automatically follow the patient’s breathing, accurately determine the time of patient trigger and replacement, and provide the corresponding inspiratory and expiratory pressure; automatic sensitivity technology without manually setting the sensitivity, minimize the patient’s breathing work.



Real-time monitoring data

Extensive clinical monitoring data, including treatment pressure, peak flow rate, respiratory rate, tidal volume, minute volume and so on.
To help patients get comprehensive understanding of the status of treatment in real time.



Parameters of ST-30D

Model ST-30D
Ventilation mode S/T, S,CPAP
Pressure range 4-30cm H2O
Standard Package Micro SD card(4G), Filters, Tubing, Water chamber cover, Nasal mask, portable bag
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