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  • Snoring?

    What is Snoring? Snoring is loud, heavy constant breathing sound while you sleep.Although it is more common in men and overweight people, it is a common disease that can affect anyone. Snoring will deteriorate with age. Snoring once in a while isn’t usually a serious pr...
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  • What are the benefits of non-invasive positive pressure ventilation for COPD?

    Non-invasive positive pressure ventilation treatment of COPD can rest the respiratory muscles of chronic fatigue Non-invasive positive pressure ventilation treatment of COPD improves lung function and gas exchange, and improves blood gas examination indicators; Non-invas...
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  • Why should COPD be treated with non-invasive positive pressure ventilation?

    COPD stable period: In European and American countries, due to the high level of patients' awareness and cognition of the disease, the economic level and the reimbursement system are superior, non-invasive mechanical ventilation treatment for families with COPD has been ...
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  • Difference Between Home non-invasive ventilator and Oxygen Machine

    At present, domestic ventilators and oxygen generators are relatively popular home medical equipment. Many people are confused about the difference between ventilator and oxygen generator. They regard the ventilator as an oxygen generator and mistakenly think that the ve...
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  • How to safely “winter” patients with COPD?

    First of all, everyone should understand, what is "slow obstructive lung"? For many people, "slow obstructive lung" sounds relatively unfamiliar, but "old slow branch" and "pulmonary emphysema" are somewhat familiar to everyone. In fact, "slow obstructive lung" is "old s...
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  • Nasal high flow oxygen therapy

    High-flow oxygen therapy refers to the way of providing effective flow therapy for patients by providing high-flow, accurate oxygen concentration and warming and humidifying air-oxygen mixed gas. It can quickly improve the patient's oxygenation level and maintain the nor...
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