Chinese ventilator manufacturers ramp up production in global battle against COVID-19 pandemic


With the surge in foreign demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese ventilator manufacturers are increasing production to expand supply to other countries.
Ventilator is a kind of breathing aid equipment. In the global pandemic control work, the most needed are medical masks, protective clothing and goggles.
Data from data and analysis company GlobalData shows that during the global pandemic, approximately 880,000 ventilators were needed globally, while the United States required 75,000 ventilators, while France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom had fewer than 74,000 ventilators. . Chinese ventilator manufacturers are now working around the clock to provide support to other countries in urgent need of ventilator while ensuring domestic supply.
Micomme, as a manufacturer of breathing equipment, has received orders from about 20 countries and regions, and has delivered more than 1,000 invasive ventilators. The work schedule for the commercial orders it signed has been arranged until the end of summer. The same is true of all other companies. In PanamaMicomme‘s high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy device has been installed in hospital. Our distributors are providing installation training for frontline medical staff. Thank you to all medical personnel for your courage and efforts. We are proud to see that in the global pandemic, all the staff of micomme stand together to fight against the virus.


Post time: Jul-20-2020