Class II Heated Humidified HFNC Oxygen Machine

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High flow OH-60A

HFNC is a simple system with clinical effects mainly dependent on flow, oxygen concentration, and temperature setting.

HFNC is a promising novel oxygen delivery device, whose mechanisms of action offer some beneficial effects over conventional oxygen systems. It is considered to have a number of physiological effects: it improves oxygenation, dynamic lung compliance, homogeneity and end expiratory lung volume; it decreases anatomical dead space and generates a positive airway pressure that can reduce respiratory rate, the work of breathing, and enhance patient comfort.

HFNC has been used as a prophylactic tool or as a treatment device mostly in patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure such as pre-oxygenation before intubation, immunocompromised patients and acute heart failure.

When HFNC is used to deliver oxygen, the flow rates are much higher than can be achieved with traditional nasal cannula. This results in a greater delivery of prescribed oxygen into the lungs, and less entrainment of room air. The oxygen you want to deliver to your patients is not prone to the same effect of dilution!

During the pandemic, micomme provided over 7000 units of devices globally.

At present, micomme occupies over 50% market share in high flow filed in China.

Intelligent water-controlling system, automatically refills and maintains the optimal water level in the water chamber.

The machine uses timing function, which is convenient for nurses to charge by time.

Disposable heated tube and water chamber.



Model OH-60A
Oxygen Adjustment Setting Manual
Range 21%-100%
Flow Low flow mode 2-25L/min
High flow mode 10-60L/min
Temperature settings 31℃,34℃,37℃
Real time monitoring parameters Flow, FiO2, Temperature, Treatment time
Data Trend review 1,3,7 days review
Content of review Flow, FiO2, Temperature, Treatment time
Presetting of treatment time Yes
Management Auto reminder of maintenance Yes
Main device disinfection No need disinfection for circuits system
Wipe disinfection for device surface
Screen 4.3 inches
Dimension 340*228*162mm
Weight 3.3kg
Alarm Tube alarm, oxygen pressure alarm, blocking alarm, water level alarm, temperature alarm, power down alarm, low ambient temperature alarm, FiO2 not reaching preset value alarm, flow not reaching preset value alarm, reaching present treatment time alarm
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